The Mystic Bible


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Once upon a time.

There was a young woman.

A very young woman.

And her name was Mary.

And one night this Mary was visited, by an energy,

filled with light.


An angel.

And the angel said:

Do not be afraid Mary.

For there is life growing in your womb.

And your belly is going to swell like the golden moon.

And you, my darling, you are going to give birth to a baby boy. And he will be so filled with God, like all children are and even more. Filled with God from the tips of his toes to the tip of his nose.

So do not be afraid Mary.

And Mary, even though her heart beat fast, a galloping horse inside her chest, said to the angel:


Have you been looking for a powerful children’s bible from a progressive perspective?


The Mystic Bible journeys with Christ from his birth through to the Pentecost experience and invites children to explore the sacred stories from a new perspective.Using inclusive language and images the Mystic Bible will open your little one’s heart to an ancient story of LOVE.


Every once in awhile, we come across resources that are not easily available to our global readership and we feel l it necessary to support and offer them.  This kind of creative work we support helps people all along the spectrum understand our intent and theology. The Mystic Bible is perfectly balanced on the progressive spectrum, meaningful for people who are deeply connected to the stories of the Bible, mystical and poetic, and yet innovative and theologically progressive. Written for children, The Mystic Bible is also a great supplement to our children’s curriculum, A Joyful Path.

The Mystic Bible is 63 page of full color, original art and poetry and follows the story of Jesus.

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Text and illustration by Alexandra Sangster. Copyright © Sophia Books 2012. First published in 2012.

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