The Outside Shed

The outside shed where Jesus lay

Was home to goat and ox;

It was a dirty place to be;

Fit for the shepherds’ flocks;

Yet here we see the Gospel;

The news of Jesus – born;

From here the story beams its light

On this, a sacred morn.


No palace or some fine estate

Is in the gospel tale;

When starting from a stable bare

His plans were doomed to fail;

Yet here we see the Gospel;

The way of Jesus shown;

From here the story gains its strength

For outcasts, those alone.


We trace the life of this young Jew

To death upon a cross;

His life by human standards was

A failure, total loss;

Yet here we see the Gospel;

The Christ whom we adore;

From here the story leads us on

To life. We need no more.



Tune:  Forest Green (All Beautiful the March of Days)



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