“The Power of Nonviolence”



As our world faces the spectacle of Russia still harming civilians while it rampages through Ukraine, we re-visit our award-winning series, “The Power of Nonviolence”. The focus is to tell poignant stories about alternatives to military destruction and other violence, and to illustrate that there are more humane and saner ways to resolve conflict — a theme urgently needed now.

Thus far on the Humankind on Public Radio podcast, you can hear these episodes from The Power of Nonviolence:

Part 1: The stunning tale of how members of a religious congregation tried to overcome hatred toward a mass murderer — because “we are the family that love built”

Part 2: A peacemaker whose brother’s disability caused him to see the basic humanity in all of us

Part 3: We travel to two jails in California to learn how inmates respond to “compassion training”

In addition, you can download the whole series free.

Also, as Black History Month draws to a close, please listen to “The Lost Cause”, our provocative audio documentary about the racial divide in America that has lingered from the Civil War.


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