The Rat Reverend Clancy & the Seven Sacraments

Baptizing buzzards! Preaching to pigeons! Clancy is a rat on a mission from God… to bring the Gospel to the various non-human animals that roam the churchyard of St. Aloysius. But as his congregation grows, so does the capacity for conflict. When tempers inevitably flare and the worm turns, will the Reverend Rat be able to shepherd his flock into the Peaceable Kingdom?

“Carter weaves a delightful, refreshing, and, at times, surprising tale of a rat, Clancy, who is called to preach and to found a truly diverse church of creatures, great and small. Their personal and community dynamics mirror those of human churches though with enough distance and difference to provoke insightful and creative alternatives.” —Rev. Dr. William Kondrath, author of God’s Tapestry: Understanding and Celebrating Differences and Facing Feelings in Faith Communities

“David Carter (creates) the character of Clancy, a church-dwelling rodent who is inspired to preach the gospel by covertly listening to Sunday services… What makes this work is that Clancy himself is new to his faith, which means he has to sort out its various ethical and practical dilemmas before he can convert others. In the process, Carter spins an endearing and whimsical story that is … a book that any worm, vulture or human might enjoy.” —Darrell Laurant, author of The Kudzu Kid and Inspiration Street



Published by Apocryphile Press

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