The Resistance Bible Study Podcast​​​​​​​: Baptists are my friends


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This week:
Baptists are my friends

I didn’t think that I would be interviewing the acting dean of a Baptist seminary. But, you know, life…

Learn along with me as I talk with Dr. Tracy Harman.
Please listen to this.

Listen in. Engage. Resist.

“Engaging interviews with educated liberal clergy who see the message of the Bible as a pro+love, anti-tyranny manifesto.”

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The Resistance Bible Study Podcast started because I was sick of hearing the Bible dismissed by open-minded people. The Bible is a book about redemption from oppression, liberation from tyranny. The Resistance Bible Study Podcast is a 12-part podcast of me interviewing ministers, reverends, a nun, professors and more.

Misunderstandings about of the Bible
Handling disagreements
Hidden gems in the scriptures

The conversations are genuine and real.
You’ll like them.​​​​


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