The Resistance Bible Study Podcast

Friend and frequent contributor to,  Rabbi Brian, has compiled conversations with 12 of his Biblically literate friends in a series of podcasts that both delight and educate and are FREE!
Join Rabbi Brian as he talks to Reverend Jim Burklo, Dr. Tracy Hartman, Rev. Irene Monroe, Pastor John Pavlovitz and more as he seeks to find out what the bible is and how to use it to fight oppression.

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01 Rev. Jim Burklo – Resistance against oppressors: a biblical explanation

02 John Pavlovitz – the pastor of the resistance

03 Rev. Peter Boulatta – Multiple authors of the Bible and horrible translations

04  Rev. Lee Ann Bryce – Abortion legitimized in scripture

05 Toni Anne Reynolds – Books that aren’t in the Bible but are Biblical books

06 Pastor David Hayward – From evangelist to revolutionary

07 Rev. Dr. Tracy Hartman – I like Baptists

08 Sister Mary Jo Chaves – Connecting with the stories and God

09 Rev. Alexandra Sangster – Literalism is so limited

10 Rev, Irene Monroe – The Bible and Power

11 Dr. Larry Keene – Not resuscitation, resurrection

12 Rabbi Michael Lezak – A little more Jewish perspective

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