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The Rock by Franklyn Schaefer (Lyric Video)


Franklyn Schaefer is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, arranger and composer. He published his first musical album in 2008 (Keep on Smiling) and has published two more albums and several single songs since.

Franklyn uses various genres, such as Rock, Folk and Country to express messages of love, social values and justice. Franklyn made national news when he lost his minister’s credentials after presiding at his son’s same sex wedding – an experience he chronicles in his book “Defrocked”

One of his more recent original songs “Run Jimmy Run” (2018) speaks to the reality of travelers–migrants and homeless people everywhere, facing prejudice and unjust laws wherever they try to settle down.

In addition to the numerous music publications, Frank also published 16 successful videos based on his music, such as a live version of Greensleeves, a lyric video of Lord of the Dance, the Easter Epic, and Psalm 23

Franklyn and his wife, Brigitte, live in Goleta, California where they are also working at University UM Church. Franklyn is a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary and has worked as an ordained minister in the United Methodist Church since 1998.

In a highly publicized United Methodist Church trial, Franklyn was stripped of his credentials and church position in 2013 for officiating at his son’s same-sex wedding after refusing to denounce gay marriage rights. He was reinstated on an appeal in June 2014. Since that time, Frank has become an outspoken advocate for human rights.

Visit Franklyn Schaefer’s website here.

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