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The Role of the Public Intellectual in a Just Society

The Freedom Of The Public Intellectual


“The Role of the Public Intellectual in a Just Society” – 4 Sessions

  • Offered as a USB Flash Drive.
  • 18:59 runtime
  • Includes transcript & detailed participant questions

Sr. Joan Chittister issues a call to all of us to become public intellectuals.

Sr. Joan’s lectures on The Public Intellectual open up a new awareness that illuminates a blind spot that can develop for progressive thinkers. Traditional liberals have typically focused on critical thinking about biblical exploration and constructive theology. The unintended consequence of such an academic focus has been to overlook the reformative power of what can happen when this debate is held not behind closed doors, but in the public square.

Joan tells us that the role of the “public intellectual” is to publicly and relentlessly challenge systemic injustices that infect and contaminate the political, civic and religious institutions across our society.

“The Role of the Public Intellectual in a Just Society” will inspire church groups and individual learners to push in their everyday lives—as Jesus did—for transformative change that lifts up those who are left out of our society.

Note: This product contains video material that’s also appeared on Joan Chittister’s Spirituality, Self, & Society – presented in a fresh context with a new PDF resource guide.

“The Role of the Public Intellectual in a Just Society, Session 1: The Freedom of the Public Intellectual” Run Time: 18:59

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