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The Three Wise Men’s Boogaloo

Written 23 December 1990

High steppin’ camels one by one

See the wise men boogaloo

Down to Bethlehem to have some fun

Rockin’ this way, rockin’ that

Camels strut to where it’s at

All night long by the light of a star

No idea where they are

By a ragin’ star, a flamin’ light

And the sniff of a flarin’ nose

Each camel seeks the blessed sight

While the wise men wisely doze

If you’re hip to what’s hap

You’ll find your own way

To the funky old shack

Where the angels play

Hallelujia jazz on their saxophones

To the baby lying on the moss

That fell off the rolling stones

That the camels kicked free

On their winding road

From ancient history

With a load of frankincense and gold

And myrrh and the pyramids’ plan

And Hammurabi’s code of old

And all the poetry of ancient Iran

And drums and tubas to join the band

Rocking the manger

Mocking the danger from King Herod’s hand

It’s the three wise men’s boogaloo

So join the choir with a tap of your shoe

They’re coming to the manger nearest you….

Topics: Fiction and Poetry and Worship & Liturgy. Seasons & Special Events: Epiphany. Resource Types: Poetry and Readings.

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