The Times We Live In

These can be favoured times when life has dignity,

When rule of law and human rights breed liberty;

If justice is pursued,

If truth is not subdued,

If we decide to live in peace and harmony.



These can be troubled times when God’s reign is denied;

If war and conflict are propelled by greed and pride;

When grossly rich want more

And thus deprive the poor,

When evil bombs kill innocent through suicide.



These can be thrilling times when progress can give hope;

If answers found excite and give us strength to cope;

When knowledge can be free,

When science helps us see;

Yes.  Ridding life of sickness is within our scope.



God is within our times and prompts us to undo

The tragedies of yester-year and then pursue

The peaceful and the fair

By action and by prayer;

God’s reign continues in our times through what we do.



Tune:  Leoni (The God of Abraham Praise)



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