The Void and the Vision

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There are three parts to this little book. The first takes a new look at who Jesus was and what he did. The second describes four characteristics of human life. The third considers some of the perplexing questions of theology. Taken together, they represent an integrated attempt to understand our common humanity as children of God and are offered as a contribution to the ongoing dialogue.



Some Preliminary Questions

Chapter One: Is there only one answer to questions of faith?
Chapter Two: What do people think that Christians believe?
Chapter Three: How do we know anything about Jesus?
Chapter Four: Where did the rest of the Bible come from?
Chapter Five: Is the Bible the Word of God?

Part One: Jesus and the Early Church

Chapter One: The Disciples
A. Why did the disciples follow Jesus?
B. How did they relate to one another?
C. Were there women disciples?
D. What were the disciples like?

Chapter Two: Elements of Jesus’ Teaching
A. What kind of morality did Jesus teach?
B. Did Jesus perform miracles?
C. What did Jesus teach about prayer?

Chapter Three: Moments in the Life of Jesus
A. What happened when Jesus was baptized?
B. Was Jesus really tempted?
C. Was Jesus born of a virgin?

Chapter Four: The Last Week of Jesus’ Life
A. Why did he go to Jerusalem on “Palm Sunday”?
B. Why was he crucified?
C. What do we mean by “resurrection”?

Chapter Five: After the Resurrection
A. Did Jesus return as spirit?
B. What happened to the earliest church?

Part Two: Four Characteristics of Human Life

Chapter One: Are we really open-minded, rational people?
Chapter Two: What are those special moments?
Chapter Three: Do we need others, or can we go it alone?
Chapter Four: Why are some days better than others?

Part Three: New Answers to Old Questions

Chapter One: How did Jesus impact the disciples?
Chapter Two: How does Jesus’ life affect us today?
Chapter Three: Why didn’t everyone believe?
Chapter Four: Do we have free will, or not?
Chapter Five: What is God Like?
Chapter Six: Are we sinful?
Chapter Seven: Where and how is God present in the universe?
Chapter Eight: Can God do anything?
Chapter Nine: Is the end of time coming? What happens?
Chapter Ten: Do I have a soul?
Chapter Eleven: Is the church necessary for anything?
Chapter Twelve: Where does evolution fit in?

About the Author

Dr. Carl Krieg received his B.A. from Dartmouth College, M.Div. from Union Theological Seminary in NYC, and Ph.D. from The University of Chicago Divinity School. As professor and pastor, he has taught innumerable classes and led many discussion groups. His first book, What to Believe? The Questions of Christian Faith (Fortress Press) offered a critical survey of theological issues. This book, The Void and the Vision, represents 30 years of the author’s struggling with those very same questions. He currently lives with his wife in Ridgway, Colorado.

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