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The Whole Story: The Wedding of Science and Religion

The Whole Story: The Wedding of Science and Religion – these pages represent more than a book. They represent a call to each of us for personal, societal, and cosmic wholeness. Science and religion have been at war for many centuries, and humanity is the loser. This book tackles and answers this all-important conflict, including even the long-debated problem of evil which Jesus addresses (but which is largely unknown) in his life and teachings. The critical significance of this resolution between science and religion is paramount. To solve this bitter fundamental hostility, the scientific community must be willing to view truth with an open mind even when deriving from the sanctuaries of religion. Contrarily, believers must accept God’s presence not as a quasi-human being (a sky-god) but as “thee” relationship of love pervading all creation. This book compels us to experience the truth of the words of Gary Zukav, “Love heals everything, and love is all there is”.

Norm Carroll reveals his exceptional attunement to both the heart and future of Christian faith. Most impressive is his ability to weave his spiritual intuitions into the fabric of an informed evolutionary vision of life and the universe.” -John Haught, distinguished research professor, Georgetown University.

“The Whole Story, The Wedding of Science and Religion” by Dr. Norm Carroll will prove to be a treasured book for those who wish to grow in their faith and who accept scientific findings. Readers will understand themselves not as abstract individuals but related to others in profound ways. Dr. Carroll calls such beings holons, who are both their own selves and part of a greater whole. People studying this book will grow in their appreciation of Religion and Science as mutual support systems. Carroll points out that divine evolving love explodes in the big bang, and continues through time in every created being. He calls this pervasive love.

This book will reduce tensions between valid searching science and healthy religion, and help us see their profound complementarity. We will view ourselves as co-creating with God. Incarnation becomes the ongoing-fundamental truth of faith, and while Jesus becomes our tutor, the cosmic Christ becomes our bond.

Carroll speaks of a new way of explaining and harmonizing science and religion without sacrificing our Christian tradition or the results of scientific investigation. Nevertheless he is able to render his work highly readable. I strongly recommend these pages to all who care about making sense of their life of faith in a scientific age.” -Rev. Dr. William Battermann, Student at Karl Ruprecht Universitaet in Heidelberg Germany, Master of Divinity from Harvard Divinity School and Doctor of Ministry from the Episcopal Theological Seminary in Virginia.
Norm Carroll studied seven years for the Roman Catholic priesthood in the seminary of the Franciscan Friars at Graymoor, NY. He studied four additional years to become a Doctor of Chiropractic but pursued his powerful passion for spirituality and theology through ordination to the diaconate in 1979. In 1994, he gained his Doctor of Ministry from the Graduate Theological Foundation. Dr. Carroll initiated in 1996 a 15 year career of preaching over 200 hundred parish retreats throughout the United States. Deacon Carroll published his first book Miracles, Messages and Metaphors in 2010 and his second book The Whole Story in 2018.
He was suspended in 2013 by the  Archbishop of Miami for stating in private conversation that the church had the authority and the moral obligation in justice to promote the ordination of women. Visit Norm’s website here.

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