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The Wise Men Visit

1.  Ancient stars would shed their light,

Shining bright, both day and night;

Heralding some wondrous birth

Of some god’s descent to earth;

Super heroes — glorified;

By such legends deified.


2.  Matthew tells that Jesus’ star

Guides some gentiles from afar;

Herod and so many Jews

Are perplexed by such bad news;

Any new-born king might try

To rebel.  He has to die!


3.  In this legend full of woe;

Children’s blood begins to flow;

This is so for every age

When such evil powers rage;

Worldly Herods aim to kill

Every Jesus of goodwill.


4.  In our mind we travel there;

Can we stay?  Are we aware

To remain could change our life?

Herod’s move will lead to strife!

Or will we, like wise men three,

Go back home and let things be?



Tune:  Dix (For the beauty of the earth)


Based on Matthew 2:1-23.  As well as pointing to a second and greater Moses, this violent legend in Matthew’s Gospel is a political statement about the conflict between the kingdoms of this world and God’s kingdom.


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Topics: Arts and Music and Worship & Liturgy. 8 Points: Point 5: Non-Dogmatic Searchers and Point 6: Peace and Justice. Seasons & Special Events: Epiphany. Texts: Matthew. Resource Types: Hymns.

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