The Wonder of Life, Song Book- Sheet Music to 29 Original Hymns

Increasingly aware that the words of traditional hymnody are challenging and even prohibitive for those whose faith does not include the dogma so clearly presented there, Scott Kearns, Music Director at West Hill United Church, undertook to write songs for congregational and individual use and enjoyment that carried no prerequisites of faith, theology, or church background. Rather, they focus on the core values that are held sacred by so many, inside and outside the church.

From the preface to the book of 29 original songs:
This collection of songs is offered as a musical opportunity to acknowledge and renew our sense of:

The richness of life – its beauty and its challenge.

The responsibility we share for our lives and our planet.

The need for reflecting on our lives and seeking wisdom from within and around us.

The interconnectedness that calls us to lives of mutual involvement, compassion, care, and healing.

The vital importance of our commitment to do justice in our own lives, our homes, our communities and in the wider world.

May the words and music invite you to celebrate the wonder of life,and refresh and energise your spirits for the journey.

The songs range from perky children’s numbers, through deeply inspirational songs and solos, to jazz and gospel-styled numbers. Titles such as: Love Will Be My Guide, Pilot Me, The Gift of Love, Deep and Still, All That’s Worthy, and lyrics such as: “By so living, we affirm that the gift of life is holy,” and “Nothing more is needed, but nothing less will do, for nothing else can take the place of love” are spiritually evocative, challenging, and enjoyable, without using traditional theological terms.

Combined with Kearns’ rich and moving compositions, the collection is one that will complement any music program.

Review & Commentary

  • Bella

    It would be good to have some samples available to get a better sense of the range of the songs before buying; mp3s, lyrics and segments of sheet music would all be helpful (as, indeed, would be the capacity to download single songs/tracks).

    • Kathryn Green

      Absolutely agree! I’m very interested in this but want to know more before ordering.