Bishop John Shelby Spong ~ June 16, 1931 – September 12, 2021
Bishop Spong provided a much needed place for those of us who did not connect with traditional theology. We love you Bishop Spong. You will be missed! Funeral services will be held at St. Peter’s, Morristown, NJ and at St. Paul’s, Richmond, VA. Dates and times will be announced as soon as they are available

The World Needs a Balm


Is there no balm in Gilead?
Is there no physician there?
Why then has the health of my
people not been attended to?
– Jeremiah 8:22 (The Inclusive Bible – Priests for Equality)

The world is in need of a balm. The health of its people is not being attended to in a manner that it needs – in a manner that it deserves. Biblically, in a manner that is required.

For far too long, we have hoped, wished and prayed for a physician to attend to our health. Biden will not be that physician. He may help in some ways but he cannot heal a nation, or the world, alone. No more so than any U.S. President or world leader can or has. Yet, we continue to seek a savior in spite of the fact that the one who many call “Savior” taught us that we are our savior.

We must also admit that much like the cartoon character Pogo once said, “We have met the enemy and he is us.” The majority of traditional Christianity has not only sat too idly by as the world has become more sick and more divided, but in many cases it has encouraged the behavior that leads to it. As progressive Christians, we have work to do.

Margaret Mead once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world: indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.” Each of us are a part of the balm the world needs. At we provide a variety of resources, encouragement, and perspectives to help insure that we all are a “thoughtful” part of the “committed citizens” of which Margaret Mead spoke.

Bringing these resources to you is surprisingly expensive, but we are committed to continue to not only provide them, but to continue offering them free of charge, as well as to continually improve upon them. To do so, we need your help. Would you consider making a donation to help us continue to provide these much needed resources in times such as these? Together we can be part of the balm that heals and changes the world.

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