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There Is a ‘Presence’

Tune: St. Bernard or other

There is a presence here and now;

A presence with us all;

A presence when we’re trav’ling high;

A presence when we fall.


We know not whence it comes or how;

It pacifies our soul;

In grief or gloom this presence brings

A calm that can console.


When we reject ‘the self’ within

And guilt can reign supreme

This presence is a source of love

To comfort and redeem.


When joy comes by to cheer our path

This presence fills our heart;

When wonderment, thanksgiving swells

Despair and woe depart.


There is a presence here and now;

A presence we can feel;

It re-creates, renews, restores;

So present and so real.


George Stuart has several self-published volumes of new lyrics to well-known hymn tunes.  Check out his website at or email him at

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