“Thine Is the Glory”

Lo! Christ is with us, risen from the tomb;
Love for one another, conquers hopeless doom;
Let the church with gladness, hymns of joy now sing:
For with Christ arisen, death hath lost its sting.
Yours is the glory, risen shining One
Endless now the vict’ry, You o’er evil won.


Gathered together, empty tomb proclaim,
Sacred space not tethered, credo we would name,
Still we find we’re haunted, questions we can’t hide.
Inquiry undaunted, greater truth abides.
Yours is the glory, hidden in the bud,
Beautiful your story, calling us to love.


Pastor Katherine HawkerSelf writes:

“Thine is the Glory”
…  Early on in ministry a musician told me that this is a defining hymn for Easter.  As with all Easter hymns, the challenge is finding words and metaphors that move us into the depth of mystery.

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