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Timelines in Jewish History- a website resource

The timeline is quite good. It would be helpful to those serious about scholarship. This is  a useful tool for progressive Christians who want to see Jewish history in the context of other cultures and events. is  a new website. This is the web version of a Jewish history project I prepared a few years ago, “Timelines in Jewish History, 1000 BCE – 1925 CE, with Parallel Timelines in Relevant General History.”

The time span is divided into seven segments, with each segment containing a summary spreadsheet covering the period plus a brief narrative section. Each spreadsheet and narrative include the Jewish World and the land of Israel. The Christian World is added with the 0 – 500 CE and all subsequent segments. The Moslem World starts with the 500 CE – 1000 segment. In addition, all regions with significant Jewish populations, or countries that impact the Jewish populations, appear in the appropriate timelines and narrative sections.

I embarked on this project because of my dissatisfaction with conventional Jewish histories, particularly the lack of continuity between the major Jewish history set-pieces, and the spotty treatment (or no treatment) of events in general history which impacted the Jewish communities.

I would be most interested in comments by you or persons in your organization.


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