To Seek, To Question, To Find


The longing to know our Creator seems to be an innate human trait

A God-presence yearned for, to be revealed — never in life too late


A created human consciousness seeking a link to the “mind” of God

That Ultimate Spirit permeating universal dimensions, each step trod


God’s spirit, an endless presence, can be seen mortally in countless ways

In cosmic terms, infinite revelations are beyond our limited Earthly days


It was the Nazarene, Jesus, who taught ways to make sense of the divine

Perhaps “heaven” as a metaphor for an endless loving eternity, so sublime


A growing cosmos that mirrors the expansion of our human consciousness

An ineffable shared human feeling — no words can describe it, more or less


On our paths to knowing the divine, it’s alright to ponder and ask questions

That’s part of the journey to understand God including biblical suggestions


Oftentimes the journey toward “finding” is as important as the destination

Let not humans be given to a guilt-ridden, believer-based consternation

Review & Commentary