To simply bask in ignorance, a Hymn

To simply bask in ignorance,
to shy away from facts,
can masquerade as ‘simple faith’,
or veil our foolish acts;
and then the world will look at us,
a church so old and stale,
no longer worth a second glance,
a church beyond the pale.
While Jesus chose a simple life
his wits were sharply honed,
he turned the tables on the ones
who’d have a woman stoned.
He argued with some learned men
and beat them at their game,
used intellect, intelligence,
to finely tune his aim.
And in the world we know today
we need that self-same will,
to keep abreast of politics,
of science, art and skill;
to use our words in argument,
while not denying facts,
then backing up the things we say
with faithful, loving acts.


© Andrew Pratt 7/8/2012 Please include on any Licence returns
Tune: BETHLEHEM (also known as CLAUDIUS [Fink]); NOEL (Sullivan)
Metre: CMD

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