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Trill LeBeau of Cosmic Serenity – No Lies (Music Exchange Session)


Activate Curiosity
Published on Mar 24, 2018

Trill LeBeau of Cosmic Serenity
⚡No Lies⚡

“Been working on this for quite some time now & it’s definitely not finished.. but please do enjoy.”

Big Mahalo Nui to Videographer Tanimotofoto and Alana Thelen of Hawaii Music Exchange 🤙🏽
Filmed in Hilo, Hawaii 2018

And by all means.. Please do Share with the rest of our Neighbors 🚀


Based in Hawaii, with roots by way of the swamps of New Orleans, Texas, Colorado & MN, Trill LeBeau of Cosmic Serenity is a conjurer of Musical Alchemy. His sound is where the rhythm and cadence of the Old, triangulate with that of a Star Skipper floating around the cosmos beaming up Fellow Luminous Beings. For your next dosage of Musical Medicine, prepare for Lift off in t-minus Now! Trill is currently on a world tour, also known as.. *The Flowgram* in your area!

When Someone asks Trill, “What kind of music is Cosmic Serenity?”
His reply is, “Something Else.”
That is because psychedelic rock, punk ska reggae, gypsy folk & Arabic grunge – Fusion; is a bit much. In order to truly grasp the essence of it all, it should be experienced, witnessed, deciphered, and determined for oneself.

Trill taught himself to sing and play guitar at 19 in college. He would sit in the racquetball court, turn the lights out, and as he likes to say, Experiment with the Experience. Diving Further In to his roots, and listening through his ancestors, he has found a voice and essence that is as captivating as it is charismatic. With a side note of comedy, and an eccentric yet eclectic fashion style, Trill LeBeau (singer/songwriter) and younger brother Collin “Jaledub” (percussionist) make up Cosmic Serenity. They are also often joined sporadically and nomadically with other beautiful Creatures of Creation, while exploring the features of a full band, or with Trill as a solo artist.

At Arise Festival 2013 in Colorado, after a Star Water open mic performance, Trill was approached by Uncle JoJo of Wookiefoot. Since then Cosmic Serenity has been Well Activated at Harmony Park in Minnesota, and Blessed to spend the summers bringing Musical Medicine to the patrons of Shangri-La, Project Earth, Revival, Oaktoberfest, Mystic Rising, Flow Fest, Kohala Aina Fest, and Wookie-Ween, while capturing fans with every interaction.

Cosmic Serenity toured in Hawaii, California, Oregon, Washington, Texas, Colorado, and the Midwest in 2017 in support of their debut EP NEW LEAF. Cosmic Serenity has performed live cameos with Wookiefoot, members of Nahko and Medicine for the People, Jon Wayne and the Pain, Chris Berry, Tubby Love and Amber Lily, and New Reb. They have shared bills with Eoto, Mike Love, Trevor Hall,Yaima, The Polish Ambassador, Satsang, Dustin Thomas and more.

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