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Two-Lane Theology: seeking fresh faith on the road

“Two-Lane Theology” answers the question: If I took a slow drive across the US and looked for God along the way, what would I see? Don’t pretend to be John Steinbeck “searching for America.” Just be myself, meandering some days, stopping here and there, going random. All in a fresh search for God.


All searching for God becomes personal and unique. My searching has value for you if it encourages you to do your own search for God.

two lane theology ehrich



“I found the book profound and personal and wonderfully written…. It is a stiumulus to others to “go and do likewise”: look at your world and your experiences with the eyes of faith” By Michael Murray, church consultant “”You wrote, ‘”I discovered that pilgrimages move at more than one speed. The word suggests slow and deliberate, but a pilgrimage can also be hurried, rapid, even lurching. God has more than one speed, too.’ I love this. That’s how I understand God too” By Sarah Gaede, Episcopal priest

About the Author

Tom Ehrich is a New York-based writer, publisher, newspaper columnist and consultant to faith communities.

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