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By Carolyn Baker


At the conclusion of the 2021 COP 26 climate summit with its disappointing outcomes, inhabitants of planet Earth are confronted with the reality that by 2050, or sooner, large parts of the Earth could be uninhabitable.

We are indisputably living in the Sixth Great Extinction. We know that countless humans are reeling with climate anxiety and experiencing fear, anger, grief, despair, dread, and understandably attempting to cope with the reality of potential human extinction with massive amounts of denial.

This book offers an alternative to being consumed with either denial or despair. At its core is the existential issue of climate catastrophe and how to live into it with compassionate, clear-eyed, vibrant, awakened intention. While this perspective is harrowing, even more, formidable is the prospect of doing so in a global milieu in which deeply divided nations and individuals are opting to abandon democratic institutions and procedures in favor of authoritarian models of governance.

Undaunted offers neither phony fixes nor merciless melancholy in the face of our daunting predicament. It assumes that both the reader and the author will face moments of despair going forward, but it offers skills and practices for living undaunted in the face of humanity’s most unprecedented ordeals.


“This book is a blessing and a transmission from a fierce, wise, passionate female elder. No one can afford either to ignore it or to not learn from its massively encouraging lessons.” —Andrew Harvey, author of The Hope: A Guide to Sacred Activism and Radical Passion: Sacred Love and Wisdom in Action

“As we face ongoing disruption to our social and ecological systems, we need robust and nimble roadmaps highlighting routes focused on healing, connection, and cooperation. Baker’s Undaunted is one such guide, providing a path for the necessary psycho-spiritual work we must do to become pillars of support for our communities.” —Laura Schmidt, Founding Director of the Good Grief Network

“For decades, former psychotherapist, wise life coach and ‘collapse chaplain’ Carolyn Baker has been teaching us how to live fiercely and passionately into the wildly uncertain and truly daunting future of climate and political chaos that now faces us all. She offers no guarantee of survival but calls us to commit to deep inner work as well as brave outer actions in defense of Earth, offering an inspiring and practical ‘post-doom manual’ to help us embrace the subtle but powerful benefits of accepting our planetary predicament ‘undaunted.’” Linda Buzzell, Psychotherapist, Ecotherapist, Author, College Educator and co-editor, Ecotherapy: Healing with Nature in Mind (Sierra Club Books).

“From the first impression of the arresting image on the cover to the last thoughts at the end, Undaunted is a riveting homage to life and a journey that will shake you to the core. Ensnared in the tightening grip of climate chaos, a consciousness that connects us to each other and the natural world must be restored. We are called to do so thoughtfully, purposefully and fiercely. Redolent with wisdom and almost aching sensitivity – Undaunted will take you to places you didn’t know existed. You may do your best to put down roots in some of those places, because you will see they feed our hungry souls. —Lise Van Susteren, M.D., Board Certified: General and Forensic Psychiatry, co-Author of Emotional Inflamation: Discover Your Triggers and Reclaim Your Equilibrium During Anxious Times


Carolyn Baker, Ph.D. was an adjunct professor of history and psychology for more than 10 years and manages her website at She was a psychotherapist in private practice for 17 years and is a student of ritual and mythology and has continued her personal mediation practice for more than 30 years. Carolyn offers life coaching both locally and internationally. She is the co-author with Andrew Harvey of Return To Joy(2017) and author of Dark Gold: The Human Shadow and The Global Crisis (2016); Love In The Age Of Ecological Apocalypse: Cultivating The Relationships We Need To Thrive (2015). In 2015 she also co-authored Extinction Dialogs: How To Live With Death In Mind with Guy McPherson; and in 2013 she published Collapsing Consciously: Transformative Truths For Turbulent Times which is preceded by Navigating The Coming Chaos: A Handbook For Inner Transition (2011) and Sacred Demise: Walking The Spiritual Path of Industrial Civilization’s Collapse (2009). She lives in Boulder, Colorado. Her other books include: U.S. History Uncensored: What Your High School Textbook Didn’t Tell You (2006); Coming Out Of Fundamentalist Christianity: An Autobiography Affirming Sensuality, Social Justice, and the Sacred (2007); The Journey of Forgiveness: Fulfilling The Healing Process (2000); Reclaiming The Dark Feminine: The Price of Desire (1996).

Published by Apocryphile Press

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