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“Unsung Hero” – TVC Thai Life Insurance 2014 – Believe in Good


A Thai life insurance company with a history of producing powerful, tearjerking ads has done it again. Its latest, a three-minute spot titled “Unsung Hero,” follows a good Samaritan whose daily deeds (watering a dying sidewalk potted plant, helping an elderly street vendor get her cart over a high curb, feeding a stray hungry dog, leaving bananas for an elderly neighbor, giving money to a poor young girl) go largely unnoticed — mainly because he’s not looking to be recognized. “He gets nothing,” an English translation of the ad’s voice-over reads. “He won’t be richer. Won’t appear on TV. Still anonymous. And not a bit more famous.” Eventually, though, the man’s kindness is rewarded when he sees the power of his actions — the girl going to school, the plant growing, the stray dog following him home. “He witnesses happiness,” the voice-over continues. “Reaches a deeper understanding. Feels the love. Receives what money can’t buy. A world made more beautiful.”

The ad, created by Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok for Thai Life, has been viewed more than 5 million times since it was posted to YouTube. “Thai life insurance ad about this ‘Unsung Hero’ will make you cry at work,” Creativity magazine declared. Last fall, a Thai Life ad, called “Silence of Love,” depicted a teenage girl’s relationship with father, who cannot hear or speak. That tearjerker, also produced by Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok, went viral, racking up more than 3 million views.

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