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Wait For It ~ Shellee Coley ~ Music Video and Free Download

Free Download Here

“If music is the way your pray, take advantage of this free download of Shellee Coley’s new song Wait for It, an anthem for those who find pew book hymns no longer feed our souls. Shellee’s molten voice cocoons us in mystery while we wait for it, even when—especially when—we haven’t a clue what “it” is. This meditation-put-to-music steadies my steps as I stagger toward the light. I have found it to be a true companion for living into the questions rather than the answers.” ~Monette Chilson

About Shellee Coley

Shellee has been pursuing music most of her life in one way or another. She attended college at Belmont University in Nashville and got her start as a writer there, but it wasn’t until after having two children, that she really began to pursuing her career as an artist. Since 2009, she’s put out 3 studio projects with Jeffery Armstreet of Magnolia Red/ Red Tree Studios. She’s opened for such prominent artists as James McCartney, Teri Hendrix, Susan Gibson, Gretchen Peters, Greg Laswell and Karla Bonoff. Shellee was a top 12 finalist at the 2012 Songwriter’s Serenade and a finalist in The Bugle Boy’s Showcase for Aspiring Artists. In 2012 she’s began working with young songwriters, doing camps and private classes at Red Tree Recording Studio and with Real Life Real Music. Considering her work with aspiring young artists to be some of the most important work she does, Shellee says that she has a passion to work along side and encourage students in finding their own way in the Music Industry that is ever so quickly changing and can be difficult to navigate at times. Born out of that work, she has also started her own company called Circle Sessions, is a creative arts mentoring program for girls and women.

In the past several years she has spent most of her time playing regionally, but also toured through Tennessee, North Carolina and up the East Coast, having the wonderful privilege of opening for Mark Germino at The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, as well as being one of the featured supporting songwriters at the 2014 Dripping Springs Songwriter’s Festival. She is currently working at Red Tree Recording Studio as the Creative Director as well as recording a new EP, slated for late 2016.


“One of the most unique musical releases of the year is “Where It Began,” from Texas-born singer/songwriter Shellee Coley.” – Chuck Dauphin, Billboard Magazine

“Every now and then, one comes along. One of those singers that you remember the first time you heard them for the rest of your life. Ok, that’s a dramatic statement. But those are the emotions that I am feeling right now upon hearing this jewel of a singer – songwriter named Shellee Coley.” -Music News Austin

“I haven’t heard anything so powerful since Lyle Lovett’s rendition of “I Will Rise Up.” If Christ’s nail holes could be given voice, this is exactly what the song would sound like. There’s alcohol in my house that produces less of a kick, and it’s Coley’s finest moment not only on the record, but of all time.” Jef Rouner of The Houston Press, (on “To The Water”)

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