Walking with the Spiritual But Not Religious

How can people who are not religious walk their spiritual pilgrimage? Can you be their companion?

Walking with the Spiritual but Not Religious takes a fresh look at being a spiritual companion for those who self-identify as something other than religious—SBNR, Nones, not religious, agnostics, atheists, people who have experienced something unexplainable, and those who have encountered the paranormal (religious or otherwise).

For over two decades, Catherine and Gil Stafford have been spiritual companions and practitioners of an ancient/new way of imagining the art of soul-making. Skilled in the art of deep listening, they have infused this book with the wisdom they have learned by listening to spiritual-but-not-religious people talk about their path—and by walking that path themselves.

In this book, you’ll discover:

  • just how “normal” the paranormal actually is
  • meditation, contemplation, and other “spiritual” practices
  • how to craft meaningful life-cycle rituals
  • creating spiritual community that heals rather than hurts

Walking with the Spiritual but Not Religious is for anyone who has left a religious tradition but still long for a spiritual path. It is also for anyone—religious or not—called to be a spiritual companion for the not-religious. If either of these describe you, then this is a must-have book.

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Catherine and Gil Stafford wrote a book for spiritual companions, and a much wider audience. Though the focus is how to listen to the spiritual but not religious, there is so much more to this book. It would be an easy book to zip through quickly; the style is easy and inviting. The stories poignant. But I’d urge the reader to slow down, savor and lean into the wisdom of the words. The authors recognize our deep desire to be listened to and heard – no matter our tradition, or where we are on a spiritual journey. The margins of my book are cluttered with question marks and comments. Walking with the Spiritual but Not Religious left me with new insights, questions and a desire to be a more compassionate listener. -Joyce Stewart

Walking with the Spiritual but not Religious is a timely and important offering for leaders and seekers as we navigate the emerging “post-religious” world. We are witnessing and experiencing great upheaval that has some running to religion, but statistically, many more running away from it. “Running” is key in visualizing the frantic energy so prevalent today. And yet, amid that energy, Catherine and Gil offer grounding wisdom, vision, and tools for “walking” with each other as Spiritual Companions.

Walking. Walking with. Not running.

While many of us have left religious dogma, hierarchy, and patriarchy, few of us have enough clear touchstones for navigating our changing world. This book is a companion itself. It is alive with stories and inspiration, practical guidance, and resources for individuals and groups imagining a new and better world.

I purchased two copies immediately knowing it would be potent. Walking with the Spiritual but not Religious is essential medicine for today and transformative guidance for the future. – Patricia

A genuinely expressed book about the spiritual journeys of two intertwined souls. While reading this book, I experienced the unraveling of taboo myths and the weaving of mysticism possible within our daily lives. The storytelling is heartfelt and I love the suggestions that called to me, which will no doubt enrich my own journey. – Cindy
Published by  Apocryphile Press

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