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Waves of Love: A Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation by Ashana


So many of us are going through very challenging times. It’s not always easy to stay centered in the heart and grounded in love. In the face of daunting stress, fear and uncertainty, to remember love and stay anchored in its embrace can sometimes feel impossibly hard.

My gift to you is a healing sound meditation of Celestial Love with the alchemy crystal singing bowls. Rest in the arms of your soul. Find your peace. Touch and remember the light and love you are.

Please share this message of comfort and hope with your friends, families and loved ones. For those who are feeling anxious and afraid; you can offer them a moment of blessed peace. That is a treasure worth sharing.

I wish you love, comfort and the gentleness of an angel’s embrace.

Blessings to you,

To listen to more Sound of Ashana and learn about the alchemy crystal singing bowls, visit​.

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