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“We are all mojados in the promised land”

We are all mojados in the promised land

We’ll cross that bright river today

All our backs will be wet when we finally stand

At the throne of God someday.

Nobody’s thirsty in the promised land

Coyote can’t steal your soul

Buzzards don’t glide over desert sands

There is no border patrol.


There are no migra at the pearly gates

No fake ID’s to buy

They don’t take your money and leave you to fate

You can’t get caught in a lie.


You won’t get deported from the promised land

You cross over there, you are home

It’s our place to build and our place to stand

Heaven to earth, kingdom come.


For the musical score, click here: Burklo.mojados


“Mojados in the Promised Land”: words by Jim Burklo and Lisa Atkinson, music by Lisa Atkinson and George Kincheloe, on “Connie’s Songbird”, CD by Lisa Atkinson,, reprinted with permission.

[Ed. “Mojados” means “wetback,” as in illegal immigrant.]

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