We believe in a mystery we call God

From the Boundless Life collection

We believe in a mystery we call God,

A mystery beyond definition,

A flame that is glimpsed through darkened glass,

The hope of our human condition.


We respect all the ways the Cosmos works

Expanding and also contracting,

Conserving within consuming acts,

Repulsing while also attracting.


We believe that the paths of life and death

Are part of the Cosmic recycling

For nothing will ever end as waste

Nor feature a pointless destroying.


We acknowledge that all the Cosmic needs

Are greater than our understanding.

Though victims of this Earth’s violent ways

We sing of the Cosmos evolving.


We believe we are each a child of God

Possessing a rich inner treasure.

Our call is to find this everywhere

Despite what our judgements can measure.


We believe that forgiving holds the key

Unlocking the chains of our hurting

And helping us grow in graciousness

Beyond all our hatred’s subverting.


We believe that life’s fullness can be found

Through loving, through silence, through wonder

Which empties our ever busy mind

To fill it with mystery’s deep splendour.


We believe all the parts are interlinked

Creating an integral oneness,

That seeking this way to be aware

Can give us compassion and wholeness.


All of this is our great inclusive dream,

A dream that we seek to deliver

Through joining with all like-minded folk

In living a NOW that’s forever.


Note: This hymn would be best sung in two halves, verses 1-4 and 5-9.

Text and music © William Livingstone Wallace.

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