Well Collective

Music For Churches. For Conferences. For people who worship

Well Collective is a community of worship artists passionate about inviting others into authentic encounters with the Living God. Our team that we send out as a band can be booked as an all-inclusive worship leading package, or in partnership with some of a church’s current team members who serve the band in worship. We can also provide a tech team, or a supplement to a church’s tech team if needed. We select songs primarily from our partner church’s existing library that prepare the congregation to hear the teaching, and songs that give them a chance to respond to what they have learned.

The worship artists of Well Collective:

* Create original music for the Church

​* Lead live and recorded worship gatherings for churches, conferences and retreats

We have more information on our team, our story, and links to our music at www.wellcollectivemusic.com.

Here are links to our records
And some video samples

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