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What are your thoughts on Divine Ground?


Question & Answer

Q: By A Reader
What are your thoughts on Divine Ground?
A: By Rev. Deshna Shine
Dear Reader,

There are so many theories on who or what god is, or if they even exist. Whether god is in us or around us, separate from us or above us. For me the bottom line is there is more to our existence than can be explained by science. There is more to you than can be explained by science. Even the universe has a huge space from which it came that we can not explain.

Our goal as seekers is to use our intuition and our internal, eternal wisdom to look around us and within us for Divine Ground; and, to become more comfortable naming it as such, connecting to it, dancing with Her and surrendering to Her.

From my viewpoint, we are never separate from the Divine. We exist within the Divine and the Divine exists within us. We walk on and are Divine Ground. We come from the Divine, we return to the Divine. Even if we look at Nature alone as God, what an incredible display of Divine Ground available to us at all times. And what happens there? Everything comes from and returns to the Ground. Everything works in perfect divine harmony when we surrender.

For me, God is not separate from nature, but immanent within it. God is also the Unity which holds the universe together and feeds and nourishes it.

The invitation is to recognize and become aware of Divine Ground all around us and within us. To dance with the Divine, co-create with the Divine, play with the Divine, dine with the Divine, experience the ecstasy of the Divine. When we actively dance and play with the Divine, we are capable of shifting consciousness, ours individually and collectively.

There is no duality within Divine Ground. There is no other. It is the ground from which the seedling bursts forth. And it is also the fruit that it becomes.

~ Rev. Deshna Shine

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About the Author
Rev. Deshna Shine is Project Director of’s Children’s Curriculum.  She is an ordained Interfaith Minister, author, international speaker, and visionary. She grew up in a thriving progressive Christian church and has worked in the field for over 13 years. She graduated from UCSB with a major in Religious Studies and a minor in Global Peace and Security. She was Executive Director of Progressive, Executive Producer of Embrace Festival and has co-authored the novel, Missing Mothers. Deshna is passionate about sacred community, nourishing children spiritually and transforming Christianity through a radically inclusive lens.

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