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What to Believe?: The Questions of Christian Faith

Digital Version - In US - printed available by request

WHAT TO BELIEVE?: The Questions of Christian Faith

To believe is to ask.

The faith of Christians,  all too often, is approached  on the basis of “Here it is, take it or leave it.” Frequently, it seems that the mind of the church has been eternally established,  that Chris­tians have all the answers and thus need face no more questions. This book seeks  primarily  to  deal  with  the  questions  which any thinking person  must  raise  about  Christian  faith.  Here is no flat  description  of  “what  Christians  believe.”  Here,  rather, is a helpful attempt to grapple with the deep and perennial questions which must be faced by every serious person.

Why do some people believe in God? How does God make himself known? What does creation mean?

Is God still alive and well? What is man?

What is sin?

Who is Jesus Christ? What am I to do?

Is there order to life?

What and why is the church? What lies ahead?

Written  in everyday  language,  this book succeeds  remarkably in honestly laying bare the nature of Christian faith. It will broaden and deepen both understanding and experience.
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Dr. Carl Krieg received his BA from Dartmouth College, MDiv from Union Theological Seminary in NYC and PhD from the University of Chicago Divinity School. He is the author of What to Believe? the Questions of Christian Faith and The Void and the Vision. As professor and pastor, Dr. Krieg has taught innumerable classes and led many discussion groups. He lives with his wife Margaret in Norwich, VT.

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