What went wrong?

What went wrong? Oh, what went wrong?


I sought to be humble

But boasted


I wanted to be honest

But lied to myself, evaded issues, denied reality


I vowed to be open

But closed my heart to compassion


I resolved to care for others

But became self-centered


What goes wrong?


What is wrong with my resolution?

And faulted in my hopes?


What is amiss in my hopes?

And warped in dreams?


I tried to stay silent,

But vented with wrath


My struggling mind is not inspired to learn peace

My heavy heart will not arise to meet insights

My willful spirit wanders through vast ranges of desolation

Into distraction

Round and around futility

Across carelessness

Returning to confusion


My soul is never quiet


I must return from wanderings to forgiveness

From remorse to revelation

From separation to inclusion.


By allowing simplicity

I find serenity

And renew in reconciliation


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