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When the child is at the center

From the Boundless Life collection

When the child is at the center,

When the babe is in the stall,

When the adult nurtures wonder,

When the carols warm us all,

Then the fragments come together

And the vision shines as one

In each particle of being,

In each daughter and each son.


When the angels come as people,

When the wise ones dwell inside,

When the shepherds are the workers,

When the babe our inner guide,

Then our Christmas comes each moment

That our minds perceive God’s grace.

Every time our hearts are opened

We see Christ within each face.


Sing and dance the Christmas story,

Celebrate the Child’s great feast,

Be the festive wine and dancing,

Be the joy that grows like yeast,

Fill the heart with thankful praises,

Clear the mind of dismal thought,

Celebrate the Christmas wisdom,

Dance the Way that Jesus taught.


Alternative tune: POLISH CAROL, 8787 version

Text © William Livingstone Wallace. Music © Barry Brinson.

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