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“Where Does Jesus Live?”

Where does this Jesus live?  Where does he stay?

Are gospel stories right in what they say?

We wish to know where Jesus spends the night.

‘Nowhere to lay his head’ – Could this be right?


Where would this Rabbi choose to live today?

Close to a church? At least not far away!

In some large house where strangers can’t intrude?

Or rubbish dumps where orphans scrounge for food?


Where is he found, this man from Galilee?

Is Jesus safe or with a refugee?

Is he with sex-slaves in their earthly hell?

Or with the wealthy where they do quite well?


Is Jesus seen where shares are bought and sold?

Or is he there among the poor and cold?

Is Jesus dressed in rags that need a clean?

Or clothes from some up-market fashion scene?


Jesus is seen and lives where people know

Sorrow and pain, where poverty‘s on show;

This Cosmic Christ is here and everywhere

To give humanity the call to care.


Tune:  St Agnes (Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee) or Eventide (Abide with Me)



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