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Where Your Deepest Faith Is, I am

This phrase, “Where Your Deepest Faith is, I AM,” was part of a Centering Prayer message at Epiphany Episcopal in South Haven. This a meditation group that has been meeting at this church for several years at 7:30 AM on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays. This phrase portends to me to describe a deepening relationship with the Divine One, or what someone may interpret as the almighty One, God, Creator of the Universe.

I firmly believe that God or Creator has indeed many rooms for us after we make our transition and is all predicated on our level of consciousness. Or, when we planned our earthly life prior to being born or even conceptualized, we will eventually
reach our final destination and come home to our blessed One. We are all One!

Accordingly, Jesus The Christ said very specifically that….”The Kingdom of Heaven is Within.” I distinctly remember a picture of Jesus holding a lamp but pointing at his heart as he knocked on a door. And, I believe quite strongly, that my personal deepest faith encompasses my realization the “I AM That I AM,” words that Moses heard as he witnessed the burning bush!

I also remember the image of a burning bush speaking to Moses, the actor Mr. Charlton Heston in the movie, “The Ten Commandments”, that I saw at the downtown movie theatre back in the 50s with my dear Mother and sister and brother.

This image, like the bush, has been burned into my psyche as I constantly hear the words….” I AM THAT I AM.”

Later, in that same movie, The Ten Commandments, Mr. Heston, Moses walked down Mount Sinai, we the audience could visually see his hair had turned white and his expression on his countenance was extremely obvious that he had witnessed something very special.

This episode of drama reminds me of the Omnipresence of God in our daily lives; whether we are aware of it or not. God, The Divine One, Creator of the Universe created all of our earthly/physical dimensions. God, for me, is highly considerate and most of all sympathetic to our mortal coils.

So, if we attempt to search for God with our deepest faith then God will appear for our “Highest Good.”

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