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Who can know the different pathways

A Hymn- Tune: HYFRYDOL

Who can know the different pathways

that have brought us to this day,

sharp felt scars, forgotten mem’ries

words affirm, or facts betray?

But within this present moment

all life’s history comes to bear,

hopes and apprehension mixing:

yet we trust that grace we share.


Here within this new found setting

where our calling will be tried

will we feel like Christ, forsaken?

Will our neighbors hurt, deride?

Or will those with whom we’re sharing

work with us in one accord,

knowing that in church and circuit

we will serve the self-same Lord?


This we pray in new relation,

as we build on all that’s past:

may we find in one another

new found bonds of grace that last.

May we find in sister, brother

Christ to meet and Christ to serve,

that Your common wealth may offer

still more love than we deserve.



© Andrew Pratt 2/8/2011


For Ray Borg

Review & Commentary