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Why Millennials Are Moving Into Convents With Nuns


Even as young people eschew religion, some are forming unexpected bonds with sisters of faith through a shared commitment to social justice.



Young people are eschewing organized religion at record rates. Yet, many Millennials view their struggle for social justice as its own higher calling. In this way, they’re following in the footsteps of the countless nuns who, over the years, have combined their service to God with a mission to uplift the vulnerable and marginalized. So perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising that “spiritually diverse” people in their twenties and thirties are moving into convents through a program called Nuns and Nones. In this video, we’ll meet one of them, along with the sister she connected with.

This is the third video in “Bridging Divides,” a five-part series hosted by Scott Shigeoka, in which we talk to people whose personal experiences show us how real-life divisions can be overcome. See the transcript of this interview here.



Scott Keoni Shigeoka is a host and producer for We Are Not Divided. As the host for the project’s video series, they’re interviewing people who have deepened their relationships with others across lines of social and political differences. Scott is also the Bridging Differences Fellow at U.C. Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center and a creative consultant for national bridge building efforts.


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