Why Religions Work: God’s Place in the World Today

God and religion come in for bad press these days. Is religion worth keeping? Are militant atheists misguided? Do religion and spirituality need each other? Is it possible to build tolerance and respect in a divided world? And can science play a role? Eleanor Stoneham explains why the answer to all these questions is a resounding ‘yes’.

A refreshing and timely perspective on the spiritual condition of our times… David Lorimer, Programme Director of the International Scientific and Medical Network

In her new book Eleanor Stoneham… presents the rational evidence to demonstrate that the genuine religious questhas just as a good a claim as the scientific method to be a search for truth.  David Hay, Honorary Senior Research Fellow, Dept of Divinity & Religious Studies, Kings College Aberdeen University.

Dr. Eleanor Stoneham is a postgraduate biologist from Sheffield University, Chartered Accountant, tax consultant and financial adviser. Now retired, she lives in Southeast England and is a verger in the Anglican Church.

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