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From the Celebrating Mystery collection


In the wonder of love. (BL)

O God of all new visions. (BL)


This is the day our spirits shall dance.

In the wonder found in loving.

Singing the Sacred Vol 1 2011 World Library Publications



(the parents stand)

Celebrant: As well as bringing into being a legal relationship between A and B it also creates a new relationship between them and their parents. Do you as parents accept this new relationship and the changes it will bring in your life?

Parents:    WE DO
(the remainder of the congregation stands):

Celebrant: Do you the friends and relations offer your support and encouragement to A and B

Response: WE DO

The Couple

I A take you B to be my legal husband/wife.

It is my firm intention to make this a lasting relationship based on

trust and acceptance. I will seek to offer love, to share power,

to create understanding and to delight in living with you,

my dear friend and lover.



From time immemorial the circle has been a symbol of inclusiveness and unity. It is an image of the inter-wovenness of nature and of the one human family to which we all belong. In this celebration the rings which A and B are to exchange speak of the commitment of their relationship in the past, in the present and in the days that lie ahead. May these rings serve as a constant reminder to them of the steadfastness and delight of love.




Most compassionate God, source of all loving relationships, may our sharing in this act of worship enable us all to grow beyond manipulation and dependency to that way of living which enhances the intimacy and solitude of every human being; in the manner of Jesus Christ through the life giving power of the Spirit. AMEN


(slowly and with times of silence)

Let us relax         . .      be still . . .  be in touch

With all that is deepest within us

The point of connection . .

The point of oneness . .

Oneness with the earth,

with plants and animals,

with other people.

Let us determine to trust

What is deepest within us,

Whatever name we may give that mystery,

Committing ourselves

to the journey of our spirituality

to delighting in life,

to the constructive use of our grief,

to learning from our mistakes,

to forgiving those who have wronged us,

and to live life with more peacefulness,

fire and compassion

than ever before

for the sake of ourselves,

for the sake of others

and for the sake of the earth itself.  AMEN.



Now may we with delight live in that love which surrounds us,

which is within us and which connects us to all that was and is,

through the power of God’s transforming processes. AMEN



Let us give thanks

For earth, our mother, who nurtures us;

For the sky, our father, who widens our vision to the place of mystery;

For the sea, the womb of our living;

For the sunrise and sunset, signs of eternal beginnings and endings;

For our participation in the cycles of nature which this food reflects,

And for the friendship and love which this meal

both symbolizes and facilitates. AMEN.

Celebrating Mystery Logo

LOGO NOTE: At the heart of the mystery all the separate boxes disappear and all is one, all is love.

Text and graphic © William Livingstone Wallace but available for free use.


Topics: Love, Prayer, Ritual, and Worship & Liturgy. 8 Points: Point 8: Compassion and Selfless Love. Seasons & Special Events: Wedding. Resource Types: Gather, Hymns, Liturgical Element, and Prayers.

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