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Young Joseph The Dreamer

Young Joseph The Dreamer
ASH GROVE D (“Let All Things Now Living”)

Young Joseph the dreamer was sent o’er the border —
No say in the matter — it wasn’t his plan.
He entered the country and as he got older,
He worked with ambition to make it his land.
In trouble, in prison, he felt like a stranger;
With truth his companion, he wasn’t alone.
He dreamed of success and he dreamed through the danger,
Until he was welcomed into his new home.

Young Joseph adopted the land that he lived in;
He helped it to prosper, he helped it to thrive.
He managed the fields and the harvests and storerooms.
When drought came, his skills kept his neighbors alive.
What joy for those people who one day had welcomed
His gifts and his vision, his talent, his skill!
O God, as a dreamer, he blessed his new nation;
He saved them — and so you accomplished your will.

O God, in this land with its boundaries and borders,
We thank you for dreamers, our neighbors and friends.
They came here as children, as sons and as daughters;
Their presence can truly accomplish your ends.
We thank you for thousands of sisters and brothers
Who seek education, who love this good land.
For they are a blessing to us and to others;
May we reach to offer a welcoming hand.

Biblical Reference: Genesis 37-50
Tune: Traditional Welsh melody (“Let All Things Now Living”) (MIDI)
Text: Copyright © 2017 by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette. All rights reserved.
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Permission is given for free use of this hymn by churches and local groups.

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