Youth Suicide


I am really struggling with my faith today,

A boy near us has killed himself

He was only young, with everything to live for,

but he just couldn’t face life anymore.

Everyone is shocked and appalled,

people saw him just a few hours before

Laughing and making jokes

and now he’s gone

I don’t think it’s a sin, just a crying shame –

and where were you?


Young people are under so much pressure these days

Exams, tests, relationships, hormones, sexuality, money, debt

Career choices, making the move to independence

Sometimes it can all feel overwhelming.


But perhaps I am asking the wrong question,

maybe the question should be

Where was I?

Did he know that, as well as his parents and friends,

there were people who loved and cared about him?

Did he know that there were people he could talk honestly to

without fear of judgement or condemnation?

Were there other adults who would patiently and lovingly

Guide him through the difficult path of life?

Not by telling him what to do, but helping him identify

His own inner vision and helping him live his own dream with integrity.

How many other young people today are thinking of giving it all away?


Help me to be more loving and understanding to those who are struggling

to make sense of life, to cope with their own mistakes and fears

Help me to be there when I am needed

Not to judge and to tell others how to live their lives

But to listen and love,

most of all to love.


Topics: Worship & Liturgy. 8 Points: Point 8: Compassion and Selfless Love. Seasons & Special Events: Life Celebration (funeral). Ages: All Ages. Resource Types: Practice and Prayers.

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