Fred Pic 4sm“The most valuable aspect of this class was Rev. Plumer’s presence himself. He brought excellent research with him and I appreciated the presentation of that research immensely. It dovetailed so well with all the other information we were processing from other presentations and literature.”

“He clearly defined the “progressive Christian” movement for us and did not sidestep the difficult questions, including mine!”

“Fred was delightful to listen to and be with … also a wonderful, humble, compassionate, authentic presence.”

“Fred was great! He clearly stated his thesis and how he is working on bringing this to church consciousness around the country. For me personally, his ideas helped to shape my nascent practicum, praise be!”

“Likely the most exciting class of the entire module; this man holds the fate of Christianity in his hands. What a privilege to have heard him speak!”

“You have been providing those of us who have been floundering these past couple years with new energy and hope, and wonder of wonders, our small congregation is going for it.”

“Dear Fred, Your class was amazing! Our students were delighted to cross paths with you, even for a small window of time. Progressive Christianity so resonates with the interfaith paradigm that our seminarians are exploring. Your presentation brought many threads together, all running through the fabric of your lived experience. The afternoon that we shared with you was priceless, and will have many positive ripples. Thank you!”
-Rev. Jan Thomas, Program Director, The Chaplaincy Institute

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