Religious Peace

The ‘Sacred’ has so many names
By which we do adore
The mys’try of the universe,
The ever puzz’ling ‘More’.

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Source of physical being; help me to hear you in my body. Teach me to tend to my physical needs and be aware of my bodily conditions.

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Chocolat- a classic movie of love and the message of inclusion

Just in time for Valentines Day, this movie is a classic treat of the senses and the spirit! And with the theme of inclusion and the true teachings of Jesus, this fits right in here at Watch it with your sweet ones.

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The Words of the Eucharist

This post is a response to a recent article on Tony Robert’s blog by guest blogger Lenora Rand, titled “New Communion Words”.

Rand reflects on her experience distributing communion at the Wild Goose Festival, an annual gathering that focuses on justice, spirituality, music and the arts. The festival is “rooted in the Christian tradition” and is popular among progressive Christians and many involved with the emerging church movement. The name Wild Goose comes from a Celtic metaphor for the Holy Spirit.

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God Is a Verb

Written by Kris Minister

God is a verb
Living within you and me
Fleshing our flesh
Rejoicing our joy
Crying our sorrow
And empowering us to swim upstream.

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A Spiritual Self-Portrait — More than a Dream

A painter’s easel stands before me as I rest quietly in a dream-like state of sleep
Prompted to express my spiritual self with color and brush strokes of my choice

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I See God

Written by Buckminster Fuller

I see God in
the instruments and the mechanisms that
more reliably than the limited sensory departments of
the human mechanism.

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Written by Matt Carriker

Spiritual growth always happens most when we cross borders,
in whatever form those borders take.
God did not create borders.
Humans did.

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Song of Simon Magus (Acts 8)

Eggs won’t stick on my magic frying pans
Spots won’t grow on my wonder-creamed hands
To my tactics Samaria is blinded by my spell
I’ve even charmed myself from knowing how I sell

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Goodness Uplifts Wisdom

1 The roots of decency spread deep in the earth of Goodness, and no turmoil can disturb them.
2 In the eyes of the selfish, the upright appear to be unhinged; their humility is seen as weakness,

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Enter my hearing, Oh, silence
Soften my sight with love
Rid my thoughts of harshness
Open my search for good

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A Man to Imitate

There once was an extraordinary young man
born in Nazareth centuries before
airplanes, cars, or computers
but a man in many ways similar
to you and I.

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Boundless Love

Boundless love in all creation,
Source and pulse of human life,
Unseen hope of every nation,
Healer of disease and strife;

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Why We Can’t Make America Great Again

I don’t believe we can make America great “again.” After all, when was America greater than it is right now? Was it the 1800’s, the 1920’s, or maybe the 1950’s? There’s a saying that you will know people by their fruit, and if the fruit of those nostalgic days of yesteryear is where we are today, then they can only be considered great if their fruit was great.

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How the “I’m Special” Confirmation Bias Ruins the Bible

The bumper sticker that jokingly says, “God loves us all, but I’m His favorite,” points to a much bigger problem that absolutely ruins much of what we read, (or, more precisely, interpret) from the Bible. Everybody wants …

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They’re Carted Off Like Cattle

They’re carted off like cattle,
yet we’d refuse a bed
to those who flee from carnage
now drowned, or lost or dead?

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Fears of Faith

Some leaves in winter dangle on
Though wrinkled, fragile, old

Stubborn leaves that flinch on empty trees
Through cruel storms in damning cold

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Worship Materials: Human Relationships, Endings

From the Celebrating Mystery collection

Nothing lasts forever in the same form.
To feel that one cannot let go of another person is to experience possessiveness rather than love.
Love is not ownership. Seek to capture love and all you catch is the cold of manipulation.

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