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Good Day

Our Good is born in purity
As we awaken, each short day
This Good survives through struggles,
Tackles fears
Faces tests
Within the loud affray

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Greetings for Peace

A responsive reading

Spirit of mercy

Be my guide


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A Serenity Prayer

Source of Good;
grant me the serenity
to accept
that I cannot change other people;

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Earth My Body- Music Video

Nicole Sangsuree Barrett

“Earth My Body” was written and performed by Nicole Sangsuree though the opening and closing chant is a very old song with an unknown author. The song was recorded and produced by Jeremy Davidson in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A., and the video was filmed at many locations in Thailand by producer and filmmaker Emma Carroll (Wee Earthlings). The experience of writing, recording and then filming this song has been part of a healing awakening for Nicole.

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Deya Dova – Return Of The Bird Tribes (official music video)

Return of the Bird Tribes is a prayer of Hope. A remembering and an embodiment of the higher dimensional consciousness that knows no separation from the Source of all that is. Sung in a light feathered language, a song, of a bird who sings in reverence to the Maker. Merging organic percussion & instrumentation with dawn sounds of the Australian bush & a fierce tribal future bass. Return of the Bird Tribes calls to the part of ourselves that remembers the spirits of the stars & that we are vast noble, ancients returning.

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In Sacred Places

Faith is the doctrine for happiness
Love, a scripture of life;
Service, our processional
Peace, the eternal rite

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Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

Written by Matt Carriker

On the surface, it seems that death is triumphant.
It appears as though those who conspired to do evil have won.

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Reading Between The Lines, Adult Curriculum (Hard Copy)

Reading Between the Lines is a lectionary based life-centered biblical resource designed for small group youth and adult education in church and home, for individual study or as an aid to preachers. One of the texts from the Revised Common Lectionary is chosen each Sunday. The exploration begins with encountering the story found in the biblical text. The focus then shifts to how this story is happening in the world around us. Finally the questions turn toward how the story is an event in the lives of the people in the group. The journey through the text seeks life-giving questions that wait to be lived.

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Matthew 13 Revisited

Matthew: The kingdom of heaven is like a grain of mustard seed
Martha: Which a woman hid in three measures of meal.

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Blessing Litany

One: A Blessing on you who are poor
Many Yours is the household of God
One A blessing on you who mourn
Many: you shall be comforted

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Be Like a Child

Something really bothers me Lord
You said that we have to be like little children
But I’ve just come from my sister’s house
And my little nephew was there
And he was having a right tantrum

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A Mock Conversation about Hell

What I have done, is I have laid out a mock conversation between myself and a questioning lay-Christian. I don’t say that as a slight, but as a description of many Christians who don’t really study theology all that much. This believer’s main contention, as you will see, will be that I cannot possibly conclude that all will be saved, as the bible clearly states that some will in fact be lost (to eternal conscious torment in this case). But, unlike many of my experiences, this conversation will be respectful, and so the fruit of it will be no doubt good. I may not sway Mr. Christian, as I have generically named him, but I will at least have said what I would want to say, all due to his respectful nature.

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Religious Peace

The ‘Sacred’ has so many names
By which we do adore
The mys’try of the universe,
The ever puzz’ling ‘More’.

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Source of physical being; help me to hear you in my body. Teach me to tend to my physical needs and be aware of my bodily conditions.

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Chocolat- a classic movie of love and the message of inclusion

Just in time for Valentines Day, this movie is a classic treat of the senses and the spirit! And with the theme of inclusion and the true teachings of Jesus, this fits right in here at Watch it with your sweet ones.

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The Words of the Eucharist

I was . . . suddenly so uncomfortable with the words I have always known to say during communion

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God Is a Verb

Written by Kris Minister

God is a verb
Living within you and me
Fleshing our flesh
Rejoicing our joy
Crying our sorrow
And empowering us to swim upstream.

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A Spiritual Self-Portrait — More than a Dream

A painter’s easel stands before me as I rest quietly in a dream-like state of sleep
Prompted to express my spiritual self with color and brush strokes of my choice

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