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Thoughts on a New Year

Where is all this going? What can we ultimately hope for, for both the universe as a whole and our own individual life as part of that same whole?

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Don’t Be Distracted My Friends

Don’t be distracted my friends. Take a deep breath and remember your inherent goodness.

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2021 Looks A Lot Like 2020

The trolls are still here. The barbarians are still at the gates. What now?

A New Year is only magical when we shine light in the darkness, when we choose to bless the world. It isn’t time to wait for miracles to happen, for some ritual to chase away what bedevils us.

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A Blessing for the New Year (John O’Donohue)

The art of blessing is often neglected. The birth of a New Year calls forth the desire in us to bestow a blessing upon those we love. Several years ago, John O”Donohue, one of my favorite Irish poet’s created a New Year’s blessing for his mother entitled Beannacht-for Josie. It is a blessing of superior quality. And so, on this New Year’s Eve, may you all receive this beannacht with my added blessing for a peace-filled New Year in which the God in whom all of creation is held, might find full expression in your miraculous life!

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Worship Materials: The Year

From the Celebrating Mystery collection

Each day can be a life time.
Time is the enemy only if we let it control our lives.
Time is redeemed by timeless moments.

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The Wise Man’s Confession

What wisdom I have
Awakens me to my blindness.
I cannot see light itself:
What I know of light
Is only an alluring shadow
Of what it is and does.

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You are a Temple of God

The incarnational faith of Jesus invites us to live more deeply into our spiritual convictions day by day. This type of faith invites us not just into knowledge, but into lived experience. In today’s digital age, we can get just about any information we want over the internet. What we desire and crave, in life, and in faith, is not simply knowledge, but inspiration, experience, and integration.

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A New Year


At times like this, I wish more people who identify themselves as Christians or followers of Jesus knew more about the roots of their own tradition, Judaism. The Mother religion of our tradition has a very different kind of New Year called Rosh Hashanah. Jesus, or Yeshua, was a Galilean Jew. As should be expected, his teachings are heavily influenced by his own tradition and its teachers. For Jews, Rosh Hashanah is preceded with a long period of time for introspection. It’s time for looking back at the mistakes of the past year and thinking about those whom they may have harmed. This intentional self-inspection ends with the holiest of holidays, Yom Kippur, ten days later. The time in between is referred to as the Days of Awe or Days of Repentance.

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New Day

Creator of conception, designer of formation, develop my day for your realization.

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New Year

As we start this New Year we acknowledge the potential for new beginnings – the field of unlimited possibilities.

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Prayer for New Beginnings

Step into the dawn.
Cut the cord.

Pull the plug.

Break the chains

that tie and bind.

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LIfe Our Vision

In this New Year, let us lift our vision of what we can do and what we can achieve:

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The Resolutions of Jesus

Traditionally this is a time to learn from our mistakes and commit ourselves to do differently in the new year. I wonder what resolutions Jesus would have made? For some, it may seem shocking to suggest that …

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A Light in the Darkness

For reasons I cannot explain, I have often find myself as an adult mired in a bit of darkness during the Christmas holidays. This year has been no exception. I am a little surprised, since I have …

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