William L. Wallace Collection

Hymns and Other Worship Materials

William (Bill) Livingstone Wallace is a retired New Zealand Methodist Minister and one of our most prolific contributors.

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Liturgical Material

Incorporating the new science, creation spirituality, and Christian teaching

Evolutionary Rituals are ways to show how religion, humanity, and divinity evolve.

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Spring is Coming: Resources for Lent

Even and especially in these difficult times, the Lenten journey can be an encouraging, enlightening path to hope, resilience, and new life.

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Taps and Buckets

Sugar Maples remind us to tap into our core in transitional seasons when life itself sometimes hangs in the balance, tossed to-and-fro between the fluctuating extremes of faith and doubt, sickness and health, or fear and courage. Crises tend to dim and blind our exterior self as we awaken to and free fall toward our inner self, and with it the few things that matter.

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