Remembrance/Peace Sunday

From the Festive Worship collection

THEME Peace with the past – peace with the present


If we are unwilling to learn from history, we commit ourselves to reliving the mistakes of our ancestors.

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What can we learn from war?

From the Boundless Life collection

What can we learn from war?
Gazing at ancient graves;
Name upon name preserved,
Marking the battle’s phase;
The lives of those who gave their all
That we should not be tyrants’ slaves.

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For Peace

Almighty foundation of all that is harmonious, lead us through this passing strife.

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A Litany for Veterans

Leader: We pause to remember those who go to war in our name.
Congregation: We give thanks for courage, for love of country, for those who work to bring peace to our world.

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We Pay Respect

1. With open hearts we come this Anzac Day
To pay respect, to ponder and to pray;
We would reflect upon the pers’nal cost
Paid by those grieving and by all “the Lost.”

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