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Speaking Engagements with Leaders

List of leaders connected to that give speaking presentations.


Fred Plumer, President of

Fred has given presentations all over the world for the last 30 years.

Fred give lectures and workshops on

  • What is Progressive Christianity

  • The Spirituality of Progressive Christianity

  • The Teachings of Jesus

  • The Future of the Church

  • The Progressive Christian Church

  • Growing and Healing your Church

and more!

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To book a speaking engagement, email us at contact @

Read Fred’s Bio Here


Bishop John Shelby Spong

Bishop Spong has given presentations all over the world for many years.

Bishop Spong gives presentations and lectures on

  • Everything relating to the Bible

  • Progressive Christianity

  • Jesus

  • Religion

  • Prayer

  • The Future of the Church

  • Liberal Christianity

  • Fundamentalism

  • Homosexuality

and more!

To book a speaking engagement, email us at support @


Deshna Ubeda, Project Director of Children’s Curriculum Project, Web Producer, Author, Associate Director of

Deshna has given presentations in Oahu, Canada, Australia, Seattle, Portland, and California

Deshna gives presentations and workshops on:

  • Nourishing Children Spiritually in Today’s World

  • Creating Spiritual Curriculum for Young Hearts and Minds

  • Finding Inner Wisdom

  • Natural Health and the Path to Well Being

  • Yoga and Children

  • Bringing Young Adults and Families to your Faith Community

  • Intentional Community Building

Read Deshna’s Bio Here

To book a speaking engagement, email us at contact @