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Earth Day 2020

Words to ponder:

How strange and wonderful is our home, our earth, with its swirling vaporous atmosphere, its flowing and frozen liquids, its trembling plants, its creeping, crawling, climbing creatures, the croaking things with wings that hang on rocks and soar through fog, the furry grass, the scaly seas… how utterly rich and wild… Yet some among us have the nerve, the insolence, the brass, the gall, to whine about the limitations of our earthbound fate and yearn for some more perfect world beyond the sky. We are none of us good enough for the world we have.

Edward Abbey, 1970

Worship Materials: Ecology, Caring for the Earth

1. The earth may be our mother but we can be her mid¬wife or her funeral director. 2. Nature is a web of interdependency not a series of separate hierarchical layers.

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Message in a Bottle

A message in a bottle In an ocean swirled with trash Would there be someone to read it If the ecosystem crashed?

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WSCF Universal Day of Prayer

First celebrated in 1898, the Universal Day of Prayer for Students is observed on the third Sunday of February; in 2010 it is celebrated on February 21st. The UDPS is one of the oldest ecumenical days of prayer.  In line with WSCF's theme for 2010 the UDPS theme is 'Climate Justice'.  Former WSCF Chairperson Rev. Ejike Okoro of Nigeria has prepared the 2010 UDPS liturgy and accompanying Bible study on behalf of the Africa region.

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