Bishop John Shelby Spong
June 16, 1931 – September 12, 2021

Bishop Spong provided a much needed place for those of us who did not connect with traditional theology.
We love you Bishop Spong. You will be missed!

Expressing the Inexpressible

Consider these few lines by beloved poet Mary Oliver:

Instructions for living a life:

Pay attention.

Be astonished.

Tell about it.

In many ways, the last line is the most challenging!  When the life we are living expands beyond busy superficialities to include an inner, spiritual dimension, “tell about it” is not so easy.  All the forms of artistic expression come into play, since words alone are often inadequate.  Every expression, no matter how inspired, falls short in some way, simply because we are trying to tell about the untellable.  And yet we never stop trying.  “That which you seek is causing you to seek,” as St. Francis would say.